About Your Consultant and Coach

The founder, Naturopath and Psychologist (MBPsS), Silvia Rojas R. started her journey in Spain, where she studied Natural Medicine, after she was a volunteer during 5 years in the USA as a consultant, teacher and lecturer at Wildwood Lifestyle Centre and Hospital, where she founded the First School of Health and Evangelism for the Spanish speaking population (2008).

Silvia Rojas Reyes, specialized in Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard and DoaneX University) and other science centres. She is a psychologist, graduated in Peru.

She has been a volunteer in many countries, and continues to help many people on their own journey to achieve their goals, improving their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Silvia Rojas is a former member to the Federation of Naturopaths in Spain since 1992- FENACO and ex-member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) in UK, graduated as Medical Missionary Practitioner in United States in 2007. As a graduated psychologist is member of the British Psychological Society.

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