Chlorine Dioxide is Effective and Safe

Finally, a study on the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide was published, a document published in the Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine. Many people do not know that this molecule is so effective for many other disorders, I personally knew about this molecule since 2013 in Illinois. Many people, especially the media, spoke out against this molecule, they even called it bleach, but the light in the end always comes out.

You can download the document from the link below, do not hesitate to share this important information. This molecule, Chlorine Dioxide, is cheap, effective, does not have any side effects if taken in the right amount, and although some people took more than the recommended dose, they did not have any negative side effects.

This molecule is cheap, and perhaps the pharmaceutical industry and governments that enrich themselves with people’s diseases, using our taxes to buy vaccines and other drugs, will not stop using the media to mentalize or terrorize, or to convince the population in any way, to trust in the scientists who are paid by the government.
But, true science is not bought or sold, it is based on solid principles of the mechanisms of nature and analytical minds that use discernment to understand and elucidate the knowledge and information that we acquire from the universe that surrounds us. True science is not based on the political and or economic expediency.

We need to use our ability to think, reason, and analyze everything we hear or see.

Click here to download the document

Documento en español “Eficacia y Seguridad del Dioxido de Cloro contra COVID19”

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