What is Anaemia?



Anaemia is when the concentration of erythrocytes or hemoglobin come down from normal, this is measured per mm3 or volume of red cells per 100 mL of blood. The anemia is presented when the balance between the production of blood and blood loss (for bleeding or for other causes that destroy them).


There are three different principle types of anemia. The first is a nutritional deficiency, usually either of iron or protein.  Sometimes other nutrients such as niacin, copper, Vitamin C, or rarely Vitamin B-12 may be involved. Chronic blood loss can cause iron deficiency anemia. The second cause of anemia is an excessive blood destruction.  Increased blood destruction comes from disorders as hemolytic anemia which can be due to exposure to toxic chemicals, related to certain diseases of blood-forming organs, viral infections, or rarely, to hereditary causes. A third cause of anemia is depression of the bone marrow. This condition is due to toxicity or hypersensitivity, as from taking of certain drugs and other toxic substances, or from chronic kidney disease.  


Healthy recommendations:


In most of the cases, a person can correct certain types of anemia by simple remedies in the home. Here we have some of these remedies: 

1.     Drink plenty of water, generally two glasses before breakfast, two in the mid-morning, again in the mid-afternoon, and one to two at night.

2.     Sleep adequately, the rest is important for body repair and rebuilding of blood cells.  Fatigue causes poor blood.  Eight hours of sleep each day is right for most adults.  Too much sleep is also improper.

3.  Follow a healthy plant based diet, that will provide abundance of minerals and other nutrients essential for the blood.

4.     Avoid nervous tension. Physical  exercise helps to reduce tension.

5.  The physical activity or exercise stimulates the bone marrow to produce blood cells. Absorption of iron from the intestine is also promoted by exercise.

6.    The sunshine promotes health in general, stimulates the production of blood.  Vitamin D participates in the production of blood, and can be obtained in adequate quantities from daily sun exposure of the skin.

7.  Fresh air help to cleanse the blood. The right posture and deep breathing of pure air is a good way to build the blood, nourishing all the cells of the body.  It is a natural protection against anemia.

8.     It is important to cover the extremities with proper clothing, to keep the circulation balanced between the trunk and extremities. A healthy bone marrow activity promote a proper blood building.  Habitual chilling of the extremities causes a tax on the body. Chilling of blood that will circulate to the bone marrow will decrease the rate at which blood cells can be made.



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