Haemorrhoids are caused by increased abdominal pressure. This pressure may be due to the production of gas, being overweight, overeating, tight clothing (even a tight band on panties can interfere with circulation), or the habit of slumping the shoulders or crossing the arms over the abdomen. Haemorrhoids are dilated and congested veins from the meshwork of veins that surround the rectum and anus. The vein walls become weakened and thinned when they remain widely dilated due to long-sustained pressure which blocks the return of blood to the heart. The dilated veins press on the skin and lining of the rectum and eventually push a “hemorrhoid” into the skin or rectal lining. To treat the haemorrhoids, first, reduce the pressure, then heal any irritation on the skin or rectal lining caused by stretching, infection, or thrombosis.


  1. Take a sitz bath, twenty minutes one to four times daily, as hot as can be tolerated.
  2. Use a cold or hot compress of an astringent such as goldenseal tea.
  3. Maintain knee-chest position five minutes twice daily.
  4. Practice deep breathing exercises (breathe in and hold for the slow count of twenty; breathe out and hold for the slow count of ten).
  5. Use a very mild laxative or a bulb of cold water to stimulate easy bowel movement. The laxative may be prune juice, mild senna tea, or very mild liquorice tea.
  6. Avoid standing for long periods.

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“Healthy Lifestyle Matters in Prevention of Diseases”  SRR

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