Pre-menstrual   Syndrome (PMS)



What can I do for PMS? I get depressed, restless, tired, and out of sorts with my husband and children. Sometimes I am in such a fog that I can’t remember my mother’s telephone number. The worst problem is bloating which makes me miserable. I get the backache and swollen tender breasts. I don’t like taking drugs or hormones, and wonder if there is any other alternative as I also don’t like having nearly one-third of my life spent in this alternative condition. My neighbor says she read it is all in the head. I don’t agree with that. What do you say?


The premenstrual syndrome is a very real condition, related to a fluctuation in hormones. In addition to changes in female hormones, catecholamine may go up or down; endorphins may go up at ovulation and down at menstruation. Dietary and metabolic factors are often a part of this problem. An increase in insulin receptors on cells early in the cycle, and increased glucose tolerance just before the period may account for the cravings for sweets some women experience. Make the diagnosis yourself by keeping a record of weight, temperature, and observing if your time of symptoms repeated in a distinct pattern over a three month period, associated with the menstrual period. Several things are known to be of help in controlling the condition without the use of drugs or hormones.

Even with all the help one can get from any kind of outside measures, a woman must still exert control over her spirit and be kind to children and husband when they do the inevitable irritating things. Do not allow neurotic tendencies to express themselves, or negative attitudes. Be kind, smiling, tolerant of other people’s shortcomings, even when their failures increase your work. A woman must exercise and eat properly even when she is tired or has cravings. There is never an excuse for irritability or destructive behavior, even sickness. Therefore, do not allow yourself to make life miserable for those around you. Learn to maintain a sweet silence when something irritates you. Remember that you will feel better in a few days. Personal discipline is easier, however, if one feels good; so, let’s study how to minimize the causes of PMS.


First, try entirely eliminating salt from your diet for six months. Purchase absolutely no food that has salt added, and leave salt out of your food both at the table and in the kitchen. Use no dairy products of any kind as they are high in natural salt, especially cheeses. Don’t even dream of approaching a vending machine. 

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