Naturopathic Consultations

Naturopathic Consultations

  • Online Consultations (phone, zoom or WhatsApp)
  • House calls

We continue giving consultations Online or by phone. In some cases, we are doing house calls.

Our Goal? 

We are based on Lifestyle and Functional Medicine

Our main goal is to understand your personal health challenges and make a positive difference to your life. Our services include naturopathic consultations, using the principles of Lifestyle and Functional Medicine, health and life coach, and physical therapy.

Our intention is not to substitute medical treatment you are receiving from your doctor. Our objective is to offer you a highly personalised approach to supporting your health by using innovative non-mainstream pharmaceutical methods that cause lots of side effects. Over the years we realised that people have access to natural methods of treatment but do not use them because they happen not to know about them!

Approach to Treatment

We take a holistic approach with a mind, body and spirit focus to treatment which includes nutritional and diet counselling, nutraceuticals (supplements), pH Therapy, herbal medicine, Alkaline diet, body detoxification and mind cognition. Our first goal is to understand the causes of your specific condition that you need help with. 

We work closely with you in order to develop a plan that has specific milestones. Our aim is to work together in creating the goals. Our intention is to monitor your progress and support you overcome the different obstacles you are facing. 

Naturopathic Consultation Process

Identification and analysis of causes

To Identify the causes and factors behind your symptoms we will do a lifestyle assessment about your current and past health history, reviewing each one of your body systems, that will include a review of lifestyle factors like your nutrition and diet, etc. If it is necessary, we will ask you for some laboratory checking.

Lifestyle Healthcare Plan and Prescriptions

Lifestyle principles evidence-based, use of herbs and nutritional supplements, if required we will recommend alternative therapies.

Follow Up

To continue support you, maybe will be necessary to make some adjustments or new therapies according to your progress.

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