Error or Deception?

After a lot of suffering, after loosing our freedom, after getting a vaccine that is producing pain and many other side effects… at the end this COVID19 was not as deadly as the governments and mass media told us?

As many physicians were saying during the last year, but “nobody” payed attention or simply did not believe in them, the number of deaths for Covid19 is not real, was exaggerated, because many people was already in the process of dying when they were infected by Covid19, but the real cause was their underlaying illness and not COVID19.

You can see the video and read the information from the links below.

CDC Numbers reveal hospitals counted over 130k deaths from pneumonia, influenza, heart attack, as COVID19


“Excess Death” Data Point to Pandemic’s True Toll

Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19

Document about “Excess Death” to download

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