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What’s Up Prof? Walter Veith – Serie launched on February 2020.

These are the four first videos of the serie “What’s Up, Prof?” currently adding each week a conversation with vital information, that started on February 2020.

With pastor Walter Veith -a scientific, renowned lecturer and ex-defensor of the theory of evolution, converted in a true Christian. 

Serie: What's Up Prof? pastor Walter Veith

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01 Walter Veith & Martin Smith – American Election Campaign – What’s Up Prof? – Episode 1

This is the first episode of the serie – What’s Up, Prof?  With pastor Walter Veith. The purpose is to discuss informally about the current events that are happening in our world and how is an accomplishing of the Bible prophecy. The theme of this first episode is the 2020 American election campaign, and political developments in other countries. 

You can download the video from Amazing Discoveries Africa website:

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