But of course, let’s not forget that Coronavirus19 is a virus, and it acts like a virus. As an example, the flu is a virus, and it acts like a virus.

I don’t quite understand why an alarmist impression is given to a piece of news that I believe, or it is possible that I am wrong, we all understood.

In other words, I was sure that everyone knows and knew that Coronavrus19 is a virus, and being a virus, it acts like a virus.

And the example of the flu virus helps us understand how viruses work. When you get infected, your body creates antibodies, and then you go through the whole flu process, until next year or the next season, and if (like people, I think they do) you were “unlucky” (although I personally don’t think in luck) you can get the flu again and again develop antibodies and go through the whole flu process.

In the same way (with its differences in terms of effects, form and symptoms), the Coronavirus, being a virus, acts like a virus, that is, if you were infected once, you can become infected again, just like the virus. of the flu.

In other words, like the flu virus, in each season we will have the risk of contracting the Coronavirus19 again, and we would have to create new vaccines each season, and run the risk, as happens with flu vaccines, that despite the vaccine, we can contract the infection by the Coronavirus19.

And as the authors of this study, from King’s College London, say, vaccines will not be able to protect people for long.

Recall that a couple of months ago, a medical journal published a study regarding vaccines, which were not safe (it is found in one of the articles I posted here on Facebook).

This leads us to consider, again, the issue of the immune system. We need to educate the population on how to strengthen and protect our immune system to face any type of virus, not just the Coronavirus19 and its consequences (inflammation, clot formation, etc.) through a healthy diet (without pro-inflammatories such as arachidonic acid found in animal products), daily exercise and stress management.

The Creator, the God of mercy and compassion, always wants the best for us: “Because I know the thoughts I have about you, says Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you the end you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11

I hope I have clarified something. Greetings my dear friends.


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