“Professor Marc Lipsitch says 40% to 70% of the world will get infected and millions will die” – Mar 3, 2020

Very scary news, and I wonder what I think many must be wondering:

What to do? How to protect yourself? Or how to avoid the worst results? Some measures are being disclosed, such as washing your hands thoroughly, if you have symptoms of coughing and shortness of breath, stay home and call the responsible centre in your country to “control” (although we still cannot control anything of this virus).

Starting to know the virus

The origin of the virus, until now we know that it is a virus that attacked animals, but now it has developed the ability to transfer from animals to humans.

At the moment we know that it is an aggressive virus, it does not present symptoms the first days, and it can incubate between 10 and 27 days until the first symptoms appear.

The first symptoms are similar to those of a cold or flu, shortness of breath and cough. And at an organic level, we know that it enters our lungs directly (hence the sensation of lack of air), the virus has “nails” or thorns that stick into the cells of our lungs, where the virus transmits all its genetic information lung cells, thus using all the material in our lung cells to replicate and become strong.

The way it is transmitted is very fast and easy, the masks actually help little, unless they are sealed masks that close all entry way or mouth and nose, but it can help us not to touch our face with our hands. But if it helps the person who has the virus, do not pass it on to others.

When the virus enters the lungs and begins to multiply, it begins to eliminate or kill the cells of our lungs, thus preventing the exchange of oxygen, that is why one of the first symptoms is shortness of breath, or difficulty in breathing, and that gets people to the hospital.

What can our Immune System do with Coronavirus 19?

Our immune system has not yet found a way to defend itself, or to defend our body (according to the researchers). They are looking for ways to eliminate or at least protect people against this virus. 

Apart from all the measures that are being published, such as avoiding public places, not traveling to the countries (China, Italy, Iran …) where it is spreading, I would like to comment on something that I think is important.

The Coronavirus produces acute pneumonia, which means that it produces an inflammatory process. And like all inflammatory processes, it is directly linked to our immune system.

If we observe, the majority of those killed by this virus have been people with a weak immune system, such as the elderly and children (in the case of children there have to be another factor because the number of children that are dying is minimum), or other cases such as people who are receiving treatments that weaken their immune system (people with underlying conditions like cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes).

On the other hand, we know that in the place of origin of this virus, in Wuhan-China, people consume or eat bats, snakes and other animals.

We also know that these animals mentioned and others are reservoirs of the coronavirus.

We also know that the consumption of meats in general acidifies the human organism, and in 2016 the WHO recognized that the consumption of meats is one of the main causes of cancer.

Other aspect that is recently taking more attention, is that patients with COVID19 develop blood clots including clots in small vessels, deep vein thrombosis in the legs, clots in the lungs, and stroke-causing clots in cerebral arteries.

I believe that one of the means that we can use to protect ourselves against Coronavirus, based on the evidence and explanations I mentioned above, is to strengthen our immune system and maintain a healthy blood flow.

And if we already have the virus, we should fight it as if it were a severe pneumonia or severe inflammation of our lungs (pulmonary alveoli).

The best measure is prevention with healthy lifestyle measures.

Lifestyle Recommendations:

We can protect ourselves strengthening our immune system and maintaining a healthy blood flow

The diet is very important to maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. My recommendation in this regard is the vegan diet, without foods of animal origin. Meat products contain arachidonic acid that is a pro-inflammatory substance.

Water, drink 8 glasses of water.

Avoid sugars and saturated fats that make your blood sticky, heavy, less fluid.

Practice daily exercise, to encourage our mitochondria to produce energy for our immune system, and keep the blood flowing (physical activity is something that the children do almost all the day long).

The last statistical inform from WHO.

The current world population is 7.8 billion, from them, according to these statistics, around 30 million are infected and from these around 900,000 deaths, means near a 1% of the infected people (this include people that were already dying from other underlying disease and were infected by the COVID19).

WHO estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year (data base on 2017-2018)

It is true that Coronavirus19 is killing people, sinking the economy, and affecting millions of people in many other negative ways. In the past we had other pandemics, and we are going to see more other new pandemics, we need to be alert and take care of our Health.

In times of crisis

I cannot fail to say that we have reached the time when the Bible mentions that there will be “pestilences”, and disasters, famines, etc. etc. … We are entering that period right now.

And those of us who study and believe in the Bible know that the situation is going to get worse, but we also know that the God of the Bible, the Creator of all creation, has promised his protection and direction in these turbulent times.

The health message was given to us to protect us against the dangers of the end time. And we are at precisely in that time.

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Joshua 1: 9


The studies consistently indicate that children under the age of 18 make up only around 2% of total cases worldwide (meaning that 98% are adults, from the total cases).

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(This article was published in Facebook originally in Spanish on 29th February 2020, but updated on 19th September 2020)

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